A 6.6 Earthquake Hits Northwest of Rome

Colosseum Severus Alexander

Our models have been showing a rising trend for earthquakes in several key positions. They too are cyclical in nature and as such can also be forecast. The earthquake that hit shortly after our post at 7:41 a.m local time in Italy, is the strongest since 1980. However, it is also not the “big” one just yet. We have also been monitoring a major extinct volcano that appears to be coming alive just southeast of Rome. That appears to be the big one.

Earthquakes are well documented in Rome for centuries. In 217 AD, early in the reign of Macrinus (217-218AD), the Colosseum was struck by lightning and badly damaged, which was viewed as an ill omen for the tenure of the new emperor. By 218 AD the Severan dynasty was once more on the throne, in the guise of Elagabalus (218-222AD), and repairs to the Colosseum were begun. However, work continued under Severus Alexander (222-235AD) so that by 223 AD the building was sufficiently restored to be used once more be used. It became a symbol of recovery much as the Empire State Building served as such a symbol during the Great Depression. Nonetheless, it took a decade to be finish the repairs, which were complete during the reign of Gordian III, who also released a small issue of medallions to announce its completion. The “big one” may arrive 2020/2021.

Here is a list of the earthquakes that hit Rome itself.

  • 15 AD – city walls destroyed
  • 20 – Pompey’s Theatre burned down as a result
  • 85
  • 116
  • 191 – The Templum Pacis is destroyed by a quake
  • 223
  • 258 – Big quake destroyed more than 1000 houses
  • 304
  • 443 – The Forum and the Colosseum were struck by an earthquake
  • 454 – The Circus Maximus was damged by earthquake
  • 477 – Major earthquake struck Rome including the Colosseum and aftershocks lasted for 40 days
  • 508 – The arena floor of the Colosseum collapsed from a quake
  • 739
  • 780
  • 801 – The roof of St. Paul’s collapsed during earthquake
  • 849 – Capitol and Aventine were damaged by an earthquake
  • 896 – St John’s Lateran suffered major damage from a quake
  • 1231
  • 1349
  • 1350
  • 1403
  • 1703
  • 1915
  • 1979

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