The ECM Turning Point


COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I thought the Bundy thing was a stretch. The Comey incident blew me away. Putin invaded the very day of the ECM last year. There are way too may events right to the day and you can calculate this out and see why you even had the day of the 1987 Crash. My hat is off to you for your discovery.


REPLY: I understand that many people do not appreciate how important the Bundy acquittal really was. Yes, the Comey announcement on the very day of the ECM was impressive; it even impressed me, which proves this has nothing to do with my personal opinion. But do not underestimate the acquittal. This is the FIRST time in more than 200 years that a jury has rejected the government. The jury did what Comey did with Hillary: they closed their eyes and ears and said NO! Up to now, when the government charged someone, it was PRESUMED that they were guilty. This is a very significant event for it is shows that there is an underlying anti-establishment trend bubbling up and that too is what Trump and BREXIT are all about.

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