Turkey Seizes Pro Turkish Members of Parliament & Cuts Social Media


We are getting reports that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shut down WhatsApp which was used to coordinate the coup. This time the rumor is that HDP-Pro Kurdish parliament members have been taken into custody last night in Turkey. Erdogan has shut down all social media especially WhatsApp. It appears that he is now trying to suppress the rise of the Kurds against his rule. He has also been making comments that the many Greek Islands use to be Turkey and were taken away handed to Greece after World War I when they carved up the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan has sold off US Treasuries and this is what you do when you are switching sides ahead of war. We are FOOLS to say the least. There are NATO nukes in Turkey. There is a real danger Erdogan will seize them. He can lay down a red carpet for Russia to march straight into Syria without having to send ships. We better start paying attention to Erdogan. He is establishing himself as a dictator, not an election official.

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