Le Pen Doubling Hollande in Polls

Le Pen Marine

Last Thursday in France, Le Monde showed President Hollande polling at 14% while likely Republican candidate and former president Nicolas Sarkozy scored 21%. However, the clear hands-down winner of the poll was anti-mass migration Front National party leader Marine Le Pen. Le Pen gathered 28% of those surveyed, which was double that of the current President Hollande.

1844 Phila Nativism Riot Againt Irish

Hillary deliberately tried to block Trump and fed a very dangerous global trend of violence. Whenever the economy turns down, HISTORICALLY WITHOUT EXCEPTION, people turn against immigration. During the Panic of 1837, there were actual battles on the streets of Philadelphia blaming the Irish for taking jobs. The cast of “Hamilton” can pontificate all they like, but they are the fools that create bloodshed. The illegal aliens are working off the books because it has become too expensive for small businesses to hire them with Obamacare. As the economy turns down and unemployment rises, the unemployed will blame the illegal aliens and immigrants. This is simply how it has ALWAYS played out without exception.

This is why LePen is soaring in the polls of France right now.

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