WEC in 2017


We apologize that we had to turn away more than 300 people this year because we held only one session instead of two. In 2017, we will go back to two sessions. We are hoping to find accommodation in Hong Kong during May after the French elections and then we will go back to Orlando probably in November. This way we will have more seating available with two sessions.

Given the fact our model has been correct on the politics, stock market, gold, interest rates and the dollar, obviously more and more people want to attend. We respect the necessity to try to accommodate everyone. It’s not always easy.

We are trying to nail-down the venues now so we know how many people we can accommodate. Hong Kong has a smaller availability than Orlando. We are trying our best to make sure we do not turn away so many people in 2017, which is going to be very important as we head into the abyss in 2018.

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