Could the Sharia Gold Standard Save Gold?


QUESTION: Aloha Martin, Can you please comment about the new Sharia gold standard. It is being touted as allowing Muslims to more gold vehicles besides owning the usual physical coins and jewelry thus increasing the demand. I understand it as long as the paper is backed by physical is is allowed. I remember you commenting on this in the past but how does this tie in?

Thank you very much for what you are doing.

ANSWER: The gold promoters only surface to report on anything that could support their conclusion. The Sharia gold standard is by no means a game changer. We are in a global trend that is far bigger than anyone actually comprehends. We are talking about the collapse of government structures. Gold will be supported ONLY when the majority comes to see how dangerous the future is. The Sharia gold standard will by no means alter the trend. Gold is heading lower. Gold gave up most of its entire gains in 2016, and is trading just above the closing of 2015. The trend is your friend — everything else is noise.

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