When Left Meets Right


QUESTION: Salve! I speek english very bad. I speek french very well :))…but I don’t know if you too speek french. So…my question is: what is for you “the left”? Cause in Europe, I think “right” is on his way to death and “left” remains the only way for the real people :)). Salut! Ma question, en francais, fait référence au fait que dans certaines régions du monde, comme, en Romania, par exemple, le mouvement de droite est sur le chemin de la disparition et c’est le mouvement de gauche qui a vraiment quelque chose à dire pour le peuple. Qu’en pensez-vous?

REPLY: Salut! Mon français a besoin d’amélioration, mais je comprends.

Hello! My question, in French, refers to the fact that in certain regions of the world, as in Romania, for example, the right movement is on the path of disappearance and it is the left movement Which really has something to say for the people. What do you think?

(My Translation)

Left and right is a political circle. If you go extreme left or extreme right, you will quickly see that they agree on one thing – more power to the government. The extreme right such as Hitler, began not by killing Jews – but invalids who were veterans from World War I. All we hear about are the Jews and the Holocaust. However, not all German members of the military knew of the Holocaust.  The mass murder of Jews and other groups killed in the Holocaust was handled by the Schutzstaffel (SS), which was a separate military unit outside of the German army (extreme right).  People like General Johannes Blaskowitz were actually relieved of their command when he complained to the German high command about what the SS were up to.

The little known story of the Roman Catholic Church and how they protested against Action T4, the Nazi involuntary euthanasia program where the physically deformed, including the veterans of World War I, the mentally ill, and incurably sick were to be killed to save the state money. This sparked the Catholic resistance to Nazism which began in 1939 and resulted in more than 70,000 were executed. This even included not just the crippled veterans, but also children with Down’s Syndrome and senile elderly. The reasoning was to conserve assets for the state.

During the Russian Revolution, the left began a reign of Red Terror which was a campaign of mass killings, torture, and oppression carried out by the Bolsheviks (Marxists) when they rose up in the Russian Civil War of 1918. Here too we have the Cheka (the Bolshevik secret police) who carried out mass executions, which many put at over one and a half million people.

If you go extreme left or right you end up with the same action based upon two different ideas, but they reach the same conclusion. What I am saying about the left is this particular cycle remains the collapse of Marxism. Capitalism (according to Marxist theory) would no longer be sustainable. Marx believed that the living standards of the population would decline due to its need to compensate for falling rates of profit that would result in the perpetual decline in wages and in turn would reduce social benefits and pursue military aggression. The socialist system, Marx believed, would succeed capitalism as humanity’s mode of production through workers’ revolution. The problem was that Marx’s observations were seriously flawed. He lived in the early stages of the rise of industrialism. He assumed that the elite would be able to keep pushing wages lower, but could not see that if they did such a thing, then the people could not buy their production. The industrialization of society was changing the skill sets. Even in the United States, in 1850, 70% of the civil work force were employed in agriculture. That declines to 40% by 1900 and 3% by 1980. What he saw as evil orchestrated by the employers was a natural process of economic evolution just as the internet is now displacing local stores in many fields.

Marxism is on the rise once again because people do not understand how the economy functions. The masses are protesting against the 1%, yet turn a blind-eye to political corruption. The left want to hand everything to government and that results in the termination of all freedom in the name of the greater good – annoyingly government. This is always the self-deceiving side of Marxism. This will come to a head in 2029, but the end of Marxism may not unfold until 2072.

The left will promise the way out. The right will target immigrants taking jobs and resources. It becomes impossible to steer between the two extremes. Moving too far to the left fuels the swing to the extreme right. This is a pendulum which swings back and forth, yet never advancing to a new era.

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