Don’t Blame the Rich


COMMENT: Hi Martin,

Not everyone hates the rich, for without them the lower class would have nothing.

What people are angry about are the disgusting bonuses to bankers after they failed everyone whilst hard working people with small businesses were the ones robbed and still being robbed via taxation.

Some wealthy people deserve what they earned, the bankers who sank everything through feeding this greed mentality during the housing market crisis however deserve nothing.

If a company or an individual goes bankrupt, they lose everything, but the bankers were rewarded for their foolishness and that’s where the hatred really began in this current time.


REPLY: You are correct. Unfortunately, the assault in Germany upon the Jews began after people directed their anger at the Jewish bankers. That anger then spread to Jewish business owners, and then, what the hell, get all the Jews.

The bankers are a special class today because the big boys are the primary dealers who the government needs to sell their debt. If we stopped borrowing, then the bankers would lose their clout. Absolutely everything is wrong with how the New York bankers have taken the reigns of power in Washington.

My concern is the very loose way we deal with terms as a society. The Occupy Wall Street movement targeted stock brokers — not bankers. I myself walked out of our office, at the time in Philadelphia, and was off to a meeting in a suit and tie. The Occupy Wall Street protest was at City Hall right in front of my office. When I walked out, one protester yelled at me, “You corporate liberal!” I just looked totally amazed. What was that supposed to even mean? I was a corporate businessman who gave the company’s money away? I just laughed. They yell slogans but they do not understand what they are protesting or that they are yelling at the wrong people. That can easily turn very ugly.

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