Foreign Governments Have Always Tried to Interfere With US Elections


Meddling  with public opinion is by no means altering the voting machines or vote tallies. Fake news statements can be countered with truth, but only when our own media is not part of a domestic propaganda action to benefit one side, as was the case with 77% of all news stories anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. The Democrats boycotting the inauguration today are pathetic hypocrites who are angry that their own propaganda conspiracy in mainstream media failed despite all the TV stations and newspapers they influences, such as the New York Times who admitted they were wrong. Words by themselves do not diminish the legitimacy of any election and what the domestic American press and the Democrats did by deliberately ensuring Trump would be the Republican candidate was far more direct manipulation than anything Russia may have done.

Let’s be real here. There is a long history of illegitimate election results. In 1940, Roosevelt wanted to get into the war but the majority of Americans were isolationists. The British intelligence officers in New York and Washington worked to elect candidates who favored U.S. intervention and even funded people domestically to defeat Republicans who were opposed to entering the war. FDR gave this campaign speech in Boston during 1940, promising no boys would defend Britain. You have to realize that Boston was predominantly Irish. Their view was that the British oppressed the Irish, so why should they go defend Britain. The isolationist view was dominant. The Brits acted to destroy the reputations of American isolationists who opposed helping British. They hired hundreds of Americans who supported entering the war and worked for British intelligence and/or cooperated with British efforts to influence the elections.

You can even go back to the very birth of the nation. During the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts argued that only natives should be allowed into public office and not immigrants. He warned in discussing Art IV: “Foreign powers will intermeddle in our affairs, and spare no expence to influence them. Persons having foreign attachments will be sent among us & insinuated into our councils, in order to be made instruments for their purposes. Every one knows the vast sums laid out in Europe for secret services. He was not singular in these ideas. A great many of the most influencial men in Massts. reasoned in the same manner” (source Yale archieves).


The Clinton Foundation is closing as all their foreign donors stopped handing them hundreds of millions of dollars for influence. Hillary violated the Constitution and should be prosecuted for selling influence. The debates to create the Constitution show that there was considerable risk concerns that foreign governments would interfere in U.S. politics. For that very reason, they included under Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, the Emoluments Clause.


Emoluments Clause

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”


Hillary committed treason. I have stated that before. With all the hoopla and boycotts by the Democrats claiming that Trump is not a legitimate president, a special prosecutor should be appointed who is independent to prosecute her, not for emails, but for taking foreign money from foreign governments for influence.

1916 US Election

During World War I and the election of 1916, the German press urged American Germans to support Charles Hughes against Woodrow Wilson to keep America neutral. A prominent government-backed newspaper in Germany urged German-Americans to support Hughes. Theodore Roosevelt commented on the effort by the Germans saying they wanted to “make the American President in effect  a viceroy of the German Emperor.”

Many considered that Iran deliberately interfered in the U.S. election of 1980 to defeat Jimmy Carter. Once Ronald Reagan won, Iran released the hostages. That led many Democrats to say similar things that the Iranians influenced the 1980 election. They didn’t like losing that one either.

1960 US Election

Then there was the Kennedy-Nixon election when the main argument against Kennedy was that he was Catholic and that meant the Pope would be running the White House.

So historically, we have always had foreign governments attempting to influence elections. This is nothing different even if Russia hacked the Democratcs. If there was nothing there, then there would have been nothing to leak. Blaming Putin and saying Trump is not a legitimate president reveals the stupidity and bias of those who make such claims. The difference here is that the Clintons freely sold their influence for money. That is TREASON.


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