Polish MP Threatened to be Expelled for Challenging Donald Tusk

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

Tusk DonaldThe EU is in serious trouble on all fronts. They are lashing out trying to maintain the supremacy of Brussels to dictate to the rest of Europe. Now the Polish MP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski has been threatened with expulsion for opposing the European Council President Donald Tusk, who is a believer in federalizing Europe by force. The EU dream is simply not working, for it was designed with arrogance and the objective to federalize Europe, which they denied at the outset. They assumed the people were too stupid to know what was best for them so they would do it covertly by dictatorship.

The dream of a federalized Europe was to prevent European internal war. It has had the exact opposite effect. This is exposing the centuries of resentment and differences. The EU should have remained as a simple economic trade cooperation entity. This concept of federalizing Europe into a single government to stop war has been a total failure. If Brussels does not stop this insanity, Europe will move once again into internal war.


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