Changing Cycle Frequencies Produces Different Effects

1-ElectroMagnetic Wavelength

QUESTION: Marty, I’m glad that you’ve showed a couple of examples in the past few articles, as per how you apply ECM and volatility cycle waves to events. Yet, can you please explain the methodology and criteria which you use in deciding how to apply them?

What is the criteria with which you choose the starting date of any particular event? Why do you sometimes apply ECM 51.6 time-units, or 72 (volatility), or 31.4 (Pi), or at times intervals such as 2×8.6 vs 34.4, and so forth?


I do understand the arithmetic and the individual cycles, yet I want to understand how your mind combines the right frequencies and adopts the correct cyclical pattern for analysis. In few words, what is the methodology.


Thanks in advance for everything you’re doing.


ANSWER: Cycles are identical to light, which always moves in frequencies. Everything within the universe is fractal. So discovering the key then applies in all frames of reference. It is way too complex to answer in a brief note. I promise, I am trying very hard to complete the Geometry of Time. It will take a lot of pages to explain this complex and deep subject.


Nevertheless, with a light wave, alter the frequency length and you get a different effect. Major turning points are the convergence of many cycle frequencies. Each will depart from that same event producing different effects and events in the future. It is all about understanding each wave and what it will produce like radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma waves. They are all part of the light wave. Change the frequency and you can watch TV or cook dinner.

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