The Frankfurt Special Seminar July 22nd, 2017

  The July 22nd, 2017 Frankfurt half-day seminar will be targeting Europe. The week before is a rather important turning point and if Theresa May cannot form a government within a week or so, we are looking at sheer chaos now coming from Britain. The entire EU is coming unglued. We have a major pension crisis even in Germany that nobody wants to talk about before the election since there is no solution. The banking system is in deep trouble and the new bail-in policies render 100% losses to shareholders of banks increasing the risk far greater than owning shares in any industrial company. And then there is the Euro, Euro/Swiss, and the Euro/Pound along with the trends in Scandinavia.

We are trying to bring the general overall guidance to all our readers to help cushion what is to come particularly starting in 2018. Seats are only $350.00

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