Canada Looking to Tax Small Business 93%?


The Finance Minister of Canada, Bill Morneau, has announced that the government is now targeting private corporations and fundamentally changing the way businesses are taxed. The Canadian government is focusing in on income sprinkling, earning passive investment income in a corporation, and converting a corporation’s ordinary income into tax-preferred capital gains. Effectively, the Canadian government is looking at itself first with no consideration whatsoever for the people or the economy. It is always about them just surviving. As for democratic processes, they rely upon telling the ignorant that they will get a free lunch if they tear those who create jobs into pieces.

In Canada, the “income sprinkling” is where small business owners “sprinkle” dividends and capital gains among adult relatives. In other words, you cannot give your children any money whatsoever unless they work. So under socialism, you are not allowed to be charitable with your own family. This is what the new hunt for taxes in Canada is all about. Take this with the other two proposals for tax increases and the combination will send taxation on small business to potentially as high as 93%. Government never really cares about the impact of their proposals. It is always just about them. The question we will be confronted with which we will examine at the Orlando World Economic Conference November 3rd & 4th, 2017, just how far can society be pushed in various regions until we hit the reset button?

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