North Korea & Pushing the Button


The United States for the first time in a very long time, won a major victory in the United Nations.  The Security Counsel unanimously approved sanctions against North Korea. Typically, Russia and China have opposed to such sanctions in the past. This is demonstrating that the North Korean problem is serious. Despite all the doom and gloom about nuclear war, China and Russia have no interest in actually pushing the button. That reason does not apply to Kim who is isolated and will do whatever if it appears he might lose power.

Some think that winning the sanctions at the U.N. removes the possibility of some kind of US attack on North Korea in the near future.  This is wishful thinking for as always, the sanction will NEVER work. The whole idea is you punish the people and they will rise up and overthrow the government. That failed with Russia and all sanctions have ever done is stiffen the opposition. If any such political leader yielded because of sanctions, he would be seen as ineffective and weak. That would open the door to them losing power. It is no different than the democrats admitting that Obamacare raised the cost of healthcare for everyone. No matter what the issue, politicians will NEVER admit they made a mistake.



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