The New Russian Conspiracy – Moving the North Pole to Freeze Europe

Believe it or not, the latest conspiracy brewing is that the Russians not only defeated Hillary, they have figured out how to shift the planet and weather and have manipulated the planet so that the North Pole is headed to London to freeze Europe. Clever those Russians figured a way to force Europeans to buy more gas to break the US sanctions, and they are creating a warmer climate in Siberia to exploit the natural resources there. These Amazing Russians can do everything! CNN better exploit this plot right away.

Well it is true that Europe is turning colder and governments have invested so much into this Global Warming they cannot now admit that all this propaganda is just that – propaganda. And yes, Siberia is experiencing record warming. They are wearing bikinis in Siberia! Might be the next place to buy real estate?

Obviously, the Russians have devised a way to shift the pole, reverse its direction in 2000, send it to Europe, and then made sure Hillary lost and Trump won the White House who conspired with the Russians to hold swim suit competitions in Siberia. That’s why Trump is obviously against the Global Warming propaganda since he too wants to sell gas to Europe as it freezes and hold swim suit extravaganzas in Siberia for the next real estate boom. It’s so obvious, CNN will probably make this is a top news story for the next 1.5 years until the 2018 elections in the States.

Of course some say the Russians just wanted to see girls in bikinis in Siberia for the first time instead of polar bear skins. That was probably part of the conspiracy as well. Not sure where it ranked be it number one or number ten on the list of motives. Then again, with girls running around Siberia in bikinis, guys will spend money more freely and there you have the next economic boom. Will have to run the ECM on Siberia I suppose.

Great Conspiracy theory – those clever Russians. As long as Florida stays warm I’m OK with it all.

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