We are the ANTI-SPAM Company


Just so everyone understands, we do not spam you with endless solicitations just because you viewed anything. We do not even sell advertising on this site because this is a public service – not a solicitation for everything from swamp land to investment funds. We do not solicit money for management because we do not manage money any more.

We do NOT send emails soliciting you on anything just because you looked at Socrates either. We have more clients than probably anyone in the world if not many combined and we certainly have the real clients who stay far away from nonsense solicitations. When you are desperate to make money, you craft endless SPAM campaigns and sell advertising so you have to click to get rid of adds just to read what is on the site – so annoying.

We are self-funded and are not desperate to sell you anything. So no worries. We do not send you even one spam no less one every day like so many organizations with claims that if you subscribed you would have made $1 billion in 30 days so hurry up and send us your money. ANYONE with such a sales pitch you can rest assured it is not just SPAM it is a SCAM. We also never sell your info and you will NEVER get a phone call from use with the latest pitch. We value our clients and do not treat them like cattle up for the next livestock auction.

We are the ANTI-SPAM Organization. If you really wanted our service, you will tell us.

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