Gold & the Dow

QUESTION:  Dear Martin,

I have been following your blog for years now. I am not a trader or financial person in any sense of the word but I take a keen interest in the economy and try to keep myself educated re current science theories for my own interest. I love your blog and your fundamental theory re cycles and how the West thinks differently to the East. I feel you have given me an an insight into how the world functions in a way i couldn’t hope to find else where and you generously put your blog out for free which is a public service that I am deeply grateful for so thank you very much for that. I am English and live in England and I have a very modest amount to invest and i wondered if you would recommend either (a)waiting for gold to change trend and investing in that and or (b)waiting for the Dow to possibly go through 23000 and invest in that.


ANSWER: There is little doubt that we stand at the threshold to some chaotic period ahead. I have warned governments behind the curtain of what is to come. It seems as if at times I am the only person who has ever read a history book. I point out that 99% of all revolutions begin with the abuse of taxes. No matter how many times I show this is the trend and all the countless rebellions in ancient, medieval, and modern times (within the last 309 years) such as the American Revolution (no taxation without representation) or France (let them eat cake), I am just one person and I cannot move a mountain. So I do this blog as a public service realizing that we must crash and burn and thus it is up to us at that brief opening in the clouds to push for the freedom we deserve for our posterity.


We know where the trend changes from gold at 1362 to the Dow at 23,000. We have not yet missed anything. The boat has not left the dock. Patience is required along with a clear head. Never act emotionally. Be clam and poised. Remember there must always be the false move before the slingshot move.


It is the fool who rushes in assuming he will miss the move before key points are exceeded. That is when losses are always the greatest. Rallies in gold are up to the next bank of Reversals as is support in the Dow. Keep in mind that September is a turning point in gold and August was key for the Dow. The two are not yet aligned. That may not unfold until next year.

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