It’s the Gov’t I’m Afraid of – Not Nature or God


 With Irma on the way, if it swings North by North/West you’ll be right in it’s path.

Are you leaving heading to high ground, with your Elderly Mom???

If you’re staying, Do you have enough water, fuel, food, generator/fuel???

all the necessities???

Just thinking.

from La



ANSWER: Socrates is not located in Florida. Neither is the Blog site. Of course it is possible that communications will be disrupted. We will have to see. My mother is not here in Florida. We just celebrated her birthday on September 3rd. She just began her 100th year. I can only assume the government is jumping for joy and see me producing taxable income for more than the next 30 years.


As for me, I have plenty of supplies. I do not anticipate fleeing. I have survived whatever government has thrown at me. Someone gave me the strength to stand my ground. I do not think I have a confrontation with nature. But we will see. A reader sent me a T-Shirt. I would add It’s the government I’m afraid of, not Nature or God. If I can volunteer, I will if it gets bad.

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