Trump Acts Like Businessman At Last

There is no doubt that the feud between Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress has been astonishing. Even some Republicans support trying to impeach him thinking he will be a liability in 2018. Trump is responding like a businessman and not a politician, Many of his supporters hoped for this and voted for him to drain the swamp.

The elite Republicans remain anti-Trump because they too like the swamp the way it is. However, the elite Republicans may find that turning their back on Trump may find things get crazier in 2018. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said that Trump doesn’t understand how Washington works. What McConnell does not understand is the people are fed up with the way Washington works.

This all out war against Trump has been waged for months. Trump was clearly annoyed that the Senate failed to pass any Obamacare repeal  in any shape or form. While Trump and the elite Republicans were working from the same political play-book of Republican v Democrats, That suddenly changed. Trump is nowhere close to pushing through tax reform so here you have the two cornerstones of repealling Obamacare and Tax Reform that with a major majority, the elite Republicans cannot deliver either promise.

Trump did what he said he really was – a businessman who makes things happen. When it came time to choose sides between Democrats and Republican leaders in Congress concerning the debt ceiling and relief for Hurricane Harvey, Trump sided with the Democrats, which blind-sided the Republicans who had hoped to tie the emergency funding to an extension of the debt limit for more than a year, taking away a key bit of Democratic leverage until after the 2018 mid-term elections.

Trump was not about to let people suffer for political games. House Speaker Paul Ryan had already shepherded a “clean” version of hurricane relief through the chamber on Wednesday morning. He was running things his way and did not want the debt ceiling tied to the relief. Ryan blasted the Democrats for trying to link the two. But Trump looked at the hard-line Republicans and their total failure on the repeal of Obamacare while frozen in their tracks with tax reform. It has been the elite Republicans who have prevented Trump from achieving what he promised. That is highly unusual and one would expect that to be the Democrats not members of his own party.


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