Supreme Court Backs Trump on Immigration


COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, you were correct. The Supreme Court supported Trump on the travel ban.

REPLY: The entire issue was political. The six countries were targeted by Obama to begin with. The President has absolute power over that issue and it was a joke that any lower court would dare to intervene. The 4th Circuit proved just how political courts can be in ruling against Trump they had the audacity to write that his travel ban “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

The 4th Circuit is notoriously against civil rights and will never overturn a conviction based upon constitutional rights. Even the former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s conviction was upheld by the 4th Circuit denying that he did not receive a fair trial. Nobody overturns any criminal case in the 4th circuit. So for them to rule against Trump saying his order was religious discrimination was stunning when they are the least compassionate court standing along side of New York.

It’s very simple. Anyone with actual contacts and a green card cannot be banned. That was common sense. The entire issue was at first highlighted by Obama and Trump sought to put in only a 90 day ban pending review. Ask any immigration attorney – Obama deported far more people than any other president in history. That is never put in the press because it does not fit their agenda. Obama was even called in legal circles “deporter in chief”  it was that bad. Obama’s record against immigrants stands as the WORST in modern history, yet nobody says a word about it.

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