Merkel Wins but Still only 32.5% Down Significantly

Once again Merkel fails to win the popular vote in Germany. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union lost 9% compared to the last elections. Nevertheless, her party has remained as the largest party in Germany’s parliament. Merkel’s CDU won 32.5% of the popular vote far less than any president in the United States history. That was a major decline for Merkel yet she will still rule Germany and Europe for that matter.

Germany’s electorate is more divided than ever before. The AfD won seats for the first time and they now came in as a strong 3rd position. Traditionally, power has either been held by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) plus its sister Christian Social Union (CSU) party, or the Social Democratic Party (SPD). This year, however, the AfD will be making things more interesting and will play a far more crucial role as they exploit the Refugee Crisis with each and every terrorist act..

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