Monetary Crisis & How to Trade a Vertical Market WEC 2017

This Year’s WEC in Orlando we will focus on the Monetary Crisis Cycle starting in 2018, the Sovereign Debt Crisis also to begin heating up in 2018, and the Pension Crisis. How each will impact the future and the markets moving forward will be the key topic.

Our audiences typically reflect more than $3 trillion in the room.

Those attending will also receive How to Trade a Vertical Market, which will also be sent to those who attended Hong Kong. We are going to need this trading guide to cope with what lies ahead.

Because of demand for seats this year, we have managed to add an additional row for seating given as usual seats sell out. Given the that about 400 attended Hong Kong, we were planning to have a smaller session in Orlando. We are trying to accommodate those who want to attend.

Attendees of Orlando will receiver both the Monetary Crisis Report and the How to Trade a Vertical Market Report this year. The latter will be made available after the conference at $500 with a video as well.

WEC 2017

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