Spain To Send in Troops To Stop Voting for Independence

Spain has continued to show the world that fascism is alive and well. Madrid is sending in the troops to shut down the planned Independence Day vote in Catalonia. Madrid, according to Reuters, is taking steps to prevent the vote at all costs. They have ordered their regional police force to take control of all polling stations from Friday and prevent voting. They announced: “We can confirm today that there will be no successful referendum in Catalonia.”

There is a major political crisis brewing in Spain that will spread to the rest of Europe. The elite will not tolerate any such vote against the federalization of Europe with Brussels at the head. On the weekend all the regional police units had been subordinated to the commanding authority of the Ministry of Interior in Madrid. What will be critical here is whether the police of Catalonia split and defend their own people against Madrid oppression. That will be the critical point that determines the break-up of Spain.

The independence vote is to take place on Sunday. The government in Madrid rejects the vote as unconstitutional. The Catalans call on the EU to defend the EU’s values ​​and to take action against Spain’s repressive steps. The Catalans are armed for any escalation and it will now depend if the Catalan police kill their own people or defend them against Madrid.

The government in Madrid has sent 16,500 Spanish policemen to Catalonia to prevent the referendum. They are to be accommodated in ferries in the port of Barcelona. However, Catalan port workers have announced to refuse to supply the ferries. Meanwhile, the prosecutor ordered the regional police on Tuesday to arrest the leaders of the vote and block the presidential election zones.

Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, is clearly showing the entire world that not merely is there a Crisis in Democracy, but that the EU democratic values mean absolutely nothing when they go against the political elite.

This is a question of honor and do we really have governments of the people and by the people?


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