BREXIT – Trump – Now Barcelona

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I am the person who did not believe you when you came to Barcelona and said that there would be a separatist movement. The polls at that time showed only a 15% support. I still read and followed you I suppose to see if you would be wrong. I must say, your computer has shown us that the world is predictable even in politics. It got Brexit, Trump and Barcelona all correct. I suppose we will see the break up of the EU and as you said eventually the USA. Is your computer proving that the future can be determined because humans respond to the same economic conditions?


ANSWER: Yes. I find it interesting that there were a number of people who doubted that Catalonia would rise up. Everyone I did an interview with was also skeptical. The issue has been that governments are always the same. They will pursue their own self-interest no matter what. The saying POWER CORRUPTS but ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY is proven every day that passes into history. I agree with Thrasymachus, political governments are always the same in the end.

Keep in mind that there is a huge separation between those who work in departments of governments such as central banks and sovereign wealth funds. They are typically on the opposite side of the table from the politicians. When I talk about government and its self-interest, I am referring to the political side and that far too often includes the prosecution and court systems. It has been the political side that constantly changes laws to try to manipulate society and the central banks.

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