Finally Belgium Speaks Out Against Spanish Oppression

The Belgium Prime minister Charles Michel has come out against Spain and now other European leaders applaud him for taking a position against the repressive action by Spain’s Civil Guard and National Police despite the fact that those in Brussels remain silent because they care only about their own jobs. Brussels has been silent fearing others will rise up as separatists against their rule. So Brussels has demonstrated to the world that human rights come second to self-interest. This oppression in Spain has done far more damage to the EU than most people realize. Their silence has been taken as proof that they too would resort to violence to protect their jobs as well.

Belgium’s prime minister Charles Michel come out against the official European line on the crisis between Catalonia and Spain. He has stated the obvious that Europe cannot stand for human rights accepting all these refugees while oppressing and dissent among its own people.

Michel has called for “European or international” mediation to start a dialogue between the Catalan and Spanish governments. Spain has taken the very same actions under Rajoy as Franco acting as a fascist dictator rather than as an elected official in a pretend democracy. If Rajoy was Putin, the world would be calling for his head, yet the EU has been silent.


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