The Coming Cold Winter 2017-2018


QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

First of all – THANK YOU for all you do, for your guiding light.

As I’ve read your blog, (a must daily), the post “Global cooling is killing penguins – not global warming”, especially the last two sentences “We are headed into a serious decline in temperature and that is when civilization declines significantly. The worst appears to be hitting after 2032. This is really no joke.”, makes me to ask you if there is one of your reports that would shed more light on the changes in climate and weather, and what do we expect, what we should prepare for in the future?


How the weather, climate will change towards 2032 and how it will affect different parts of the world – Western Europe, USA, Russia? Please kindly let me know if there is such a report and if it can be purchased?


It is a family planning for us and is the most serious matter.

Thank you,




ANSWER: Well the past three years it has been getting colder in Europe. This past summer they called the year without a summer in the Arctic as ice has expanded. Our models on weather show that we are headed into a very cold winter this season even in the USA. This will progressively get worse and after 2032 we will be headed back to the cold period that existed during the 18th century. So buy some long-underwear this year. You may need it.

Western Europe will suffer the most, but the USA will also feel it this year. Siberia is warning so we have a shift. I moved to Florida for I am tired of shoveling snow, ice scraping, and potholes after losing 3 tires.

I will put together all the various models we have on weather and do a report on that in early 2018. This will have an impact on food prices. In general, we so see a commodity cycle coming for the next 8.6 year ECM wave.

Our models do not project a White Earth Effect. That is how planets die BTW.

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