Trump to Release Secret Files on JFK?

I have often been called the Forest Gump of finance. I have tended to meet so many people surrounding so many events it is often funny. I actually met President John F. Kennedy and shook his hand as a kid in Willingboro, New Jersey on Oct. 16, 1960. (I did not want to become president like Bill Clinton). Then years later, I bought a house on the beach in Loveladies, New Jersey. To the north of my beach house in Loveladies, is where Richard M. Nixon vacationed as well as Billy Joel. Nixon had rented in Loveladies a 5,000 square foot home designed by Malcolm Wells and built in 1970.  Due to its large base tapered upward to a triangular roofline, it was known simply as the Pyramid House.  It was torn down in 2009 to make room for the next generation of modern homes. To the south of me, was the house owned by none other than Senator Arlen Specter (1930–2012).

It was Arlen Specter who was a staffer (later a United States Senator from Pennsylvania), on the Warren Commission who is credited for coming up with the single bullet theory (magic bullet theory) known as “Warren Commission Exhibit 399”, that caused all the wounds to the governor and the non-fatal wounds to the president. Even his son would stop by my house. He would never admit to me personally that the theory was just an excuse.

Now US President Donald Trump wants to release the long-hidden secrets of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Trump announced his intention to disclose the more than 3000 documents on the presidential murder on Twitter. The concern deals with the assassination of November 22nd, 1963. There are some tens of thousands of other documents which have never been published. Trump wants to release them when the legal secrecy expires on October 26th, this week! The CIA is urging that Trump should not release the documents claiming they will endanger the survivors or informants of CIA and the FBI. That seems to be a real BS excuse if I ever heard one. What they may really incriminate is other people.

The official investigation came to the conclusion that JFK was shot by the (magic bullet) single-killer Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, who in turn was then killed two days later by the nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Then Ruby dies and nobody ever concludes just how was Oswald assassinated in the middle of the police station in front of policemen, security forces, FBI, CIA and journalists with TV cameras no less.

The official version of the assassination of Kennedy was repeatedly questioned around the world and it has never been believed in so many circles. The main “conspiracy theory” has been that it was an internal coup by the CIA. If there is no “conspiracy theory” then release the files once and for all. The argument to keep them hidden is what keeps these accusations alive.



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