The Coming Censorhip

The entire nonsense that the political election was “influenced” by Russia propagated by Hillary who paid for the dossier that started this whole mess. The clandestine firm that created the false dossier on Trump is refused to cooperate with Congress. Now because of all this i9nsinuation about “influence” by Russians, Google stated that it is planning to take greater action against “illegal content and misinformation” on its platforms. This is what Hillary is running around the world pitching her book and blaming all this so the response is censorship.

There has been a huge effort to research how ads were used on Google during the US presidential election. Two user accounts related to Russia spent a total of $4,700 (about 4050 euros) on ads. That has been blown up as if it were hundreds of millions. The argument that that slight add is creating misinformation that must be eliminated. Of course, the propaganda by mainstream media that is so one-sided is somehow ignored.


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