Quantity Theory of Money

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; This was my first WEC. Your presentation on the Quantity Theory of Money and how that is at the core of all our problems was a real revelation. You blew every economic theory out of the water and my years at uni studying economics has been a great disservice my entire life. You really should put this out as a book.

Thank you so much. The commrodiary at your events are like no other. Attendees even arranged the towels by the pool to thank you so you would see it from your window AMAZING.

The food is amazing and the cocktail hour is an open bar. I really do not know how you make money on these events. They are first class and like the most elaborate wedding, I have ever attended.


REPLY: Thank you. Yes. A lot of people have written in about this subject. I did not realize how much this is really misunderstood and is incorrectly portrayed in schools to this very day. The Quantity Theory of Money has ruled everything from the goldbugs and hyperinflation that never materialized to central bankers desperately trying to stimulate the economy, and then Congress with some members preferring Taylor because of it. Then we have the QTM being responsible for tearing the EU apart.

I will try to add this to the list of books we have to get out.


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