Marines that Never Invaded the CIA

QUESTION: I really wonder why these people who read all these conspiracy theories seem to hate you. I think it is because they want them to be true so much, they are blind to everything else.  Any comment on the thousands of sealed indictments? You are the only person worth reading on all these claims.

ANSWER: Oh yes. The thousands of sealed indictments are for the gangs. Trump is going after them really hard. It is not politicians and part of a coup nonsense. You really have to give it to these people. They have vivid imaginations even if they are totally clueless about reality.

Just look at this logically. If Trump sent in troops to seize the CIA, you can bet that CNN would have been all over it calling him a dictator like Hillary. Then they claim it’s “CONFIRMED” which once again is completely false and just made up. They live in some alternative dimension.

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