Thatcher Warned that the Euro was the Backdoor to Federalization of Europe


QUESTION: Hi Team Armstrong,
I read your fascinating blog regularly since watching The Forecaster in early 2015.
In today’s posting “Soros Throws In The Towel” there must be a unfortunate misprint?
“That was the coup against Margaret Thatcher who really wanted to take Britain into the euro” ? (Illustrated with a picture of PM at the time, John Major)
I have always been under the impression that Mrs T was fiercely against the £ joining the ERM which would facilitate adopting the € eventually.

However John Major have always been, and still is a keen EU/€ supporter.
I hope you don’t find my pondering over this annoying in any way.
All the best and keep up the good work !


ANSWER: Terribly sorry, the wording is not clear. It was the coup against Maggie who wanted to give up the pound and adopt the euro, not Maggie.

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