Criminal Prosecutions Are Used to Remove Opponents

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I watched the Forecaster on TV here in Scandinavia. It seems that anyone who is an opponent is criminally charged no matter what the field.


ANSWER: You are absolutely correct. This tactic has been used actually throughout recorded history. Just read the struggles between the oligarchy and the democracy movement in Greece. They charged Pericles with crimes as well to overthrow the democratic process in Athens.

Pericles may have been technically the head of state, but he and his friends were never immune from political attack much like Trump today. The democratic movement in Athens was not equivalent to absolute rule. Pericles and two of his closest associates, Phidias and his companion, Aspasia, faced a series of personal and judicial attacks just before the eruption of the Peloponnesian War. It has suggested that because they were trying to pursue him in a judicial trial that he encouraged the Peloponnesian War as a diversion.

Opponents will ALWAYS use the legal process to try to stop an adversary. This is the standard operating procedure. The French are looking to criminally charge LePen to take her out of the political game. This is a standard operational procedure of always criminalizing anyone who is a threat to the powers that be. Germany is going after the former head of the AfD, Frauke Petry, to eliminate her from politics. The EU was behind the coup to criminally charge Prime Minister Berlusconi to bar him from politics because he wanted to take Italy out of the Euro.


Former Alabama governor Don Siegelman was sent to prison on political corruption charges, that was bogus and was directed by Karl Rove in the White House to stop him from possibly running for president.

This is the way it is always done. Any reform of government should PREVENT government from criminally prosecuting anyone. Any prosecution should require the signature of a private person under threat of imprisonment if the charges are false. A real Grand Jury should indict someone and not the Justice Department.


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