What Did the Pivots Confirm or Deny for 2017?

QUESTION: Marty; At your training seminar you did a couple of year’s ago, you said your pivot numbers will confirm or deny a high. What was the status on the Pivots in the Dow for the close?

PS Another training session would be nice.


ANSWER: The 2006 closing was 12463.15 and the Pivots were 10949.43, 10727.38, and 14234.29. We closed above two and below one leaving the market still bullish looking to higher prices. Then 2007 closed at 13264.82 and now it was below two 13836.74, 10727.38, and 14234.29. The high for that year came in at 14198.10. So we closed under two and above the lowest which indicated it was then turning bearish into 2008.

The 2017 Pivots were 21982.03, 1528.79, and 22282.07 with the closing coming in at 24719.22. Here we closed above all three Pivots indicating it is still long-term bullish. Looking at 2018, the Pivots move to 20202.77, 27434.90 and 28054.53.

We warned back in October 2014: “[W]e are looking at a rally into 2017-2018 with the Dow reaching the 25,000-28,000 level. ”

We can see that we have reached the beginning of our Pivot projections made 10 years ago for this time period. This suggests CAUTION and with our volatility models turning up and a Panic Cycle for 2018, this is not going to be a walk in the park. This will take a lot of skill to trade this one. No emotions and no preconceived expectations. We have to play this by the numbers and cycles – no choice. This is not the time for boasting opinions.

If I have time to do a training session again I will let everyone know. The seat price was $5,000 last time because it is a lot of work and we have to keep the audience in a more intimate session.

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