The Coldest New Year – Ever?


NASA’s photo of the Blizzard of 2018 shows just how cold this season is turning into. I have made it clear I moved from New Jersey to Florida trying to get closer to REAL Global Warming. Our computer, which correlates absolutely everything in all fields, forecast that this would be the coldest winter many have felt in their lifetime.As NASA wrote: “While the cold streak has not broken all-time records, it is breaking records for individual days.” It has made all-time records for most people’s lifetimes and that is cold.  Even here in Florida, it is down into the 50s (10-12 c) and that is about 10 degrees below normal.

It certainly gives me no pleasure to make such forecasts. But the sun is turning down in energy output and the Global Warming crowd is committing a heinous offense for their nonsense has distracted society from the real danger – Global Cooling. Correlations between temperature and disease are 100%. Turn down the temperature and you get an increase in pandemics.

What you also get is rising civil unrest that often manifests also into revolution. It was the 1918 pandemic that killed so many people and that same year stood witness to revolutions. It was the revolution in Germany during 1918 which installed the Weimar Republic and as capital fled, the government was left with nothing but paper to print currency to make reparation payments. So 1918 was a major event in politics as well as disease.

I suppose if Dick Cheney were still the real president, he would announce this cold weather is created by Russia and a secret machine to justify invading Canada, nuke the Northern Territories to warm things up a bit, and then hand all the natural resources to Haliburton.

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