Is BREXIT in Trouble? Can Britain Survive Past 2042-2044?

The REMAIN crowd is doing everything possible to surrender the sovereignty, dignity, and future of Britain. The left is taking hold in Britain calling anyone who wants to leave the EU is now openly called a “racist” and they are bashing anyone who even appears to be nationalist.

While the British pound closed 2017 at 13501, it finished the year in a long-term bearish position. We now have politicians rebellion and saying that the question was too complicated for the average person to understand and so the referendum should be put aside. This is keeping in line with the anti-Democratic policy adopted in the EU to deny the people the right to vote on the European Project – the surrender of all sovereignty to Brussels.

Unfortunately, our model has not indicated any change in the long-term trend. The Euro still closed in a bullish position relative to the cross with the pound sterling. Support lies at 88120 for 2018 on Euro/Sterling. We elected a Yearly Bullish Reversal back for the close of 2016 and that has dominated the trend as 2017 closed high with an inside trading year.

The posture, overall, shows that this remains in a questionable position. The early election called by PM May was a disaster and has opened the door for the REMAIN crowd to overthrow the vote by painting anyone for BREXIT as a racist and we now hear the politicians saying that Parliament should decide and not the people. If they succeed in this movement, we seem to be on schedule for the complete collapse of Britain come 2044 where it too will split up into regions as it had begun.


During the reign of Eadgar (959-975 AD), England was united under one ruler. It was Eadgar who instituted a uniform coinage throughout the land. Eadgar set the pattern for the ‘reformed’ coinage of the later Anglo-Saxon and Norman period and standardized the use of the king’s portrait as in old Roman tradition.

Here too, we are reaching 21 cycles of the ECM 51.6-years from the reign of Eadgar, which also confirms independently 2042-2044 the likelihood of England breaking apart back toward the regions that were united by Eadgar will be the fate of Britain.

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