The Technology Advance in War will Increase Civilian Casualties

COMMENT: Marty. Hi.

In your article, you stated that when the unemployment goes up, they take us to war to cut down the population. True but now its different.

WW2 was a big historical change in who gets killed. WW1 and previous wars typically it was the soldiers who die. WW1 only saw about 5% > fewer civilians die. Once we got to WW2 we saw 80% of the deaths were civilians. Ever since then, mostly civilians die in wars now.

It was the technology shift that has brought about this.

So now, Kim and Trump push some buttons and millions of civilians die.

OK. Been cold up here. Getting down to -13° this weekend. And were on the warm side of the lake Lol.


REPLY: You are correct. The impact of war is much different today. The civilian casualties will be much greater than in previous wars. That’s technology for you. Keep warm. It is even snowing as far south as Tallahassee. This is one forecast I wish would be wrong.

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