COMMENT:  Hi Martin:

Thanks for the great conference in November–I really enjoyed it.

I thought you might want to use this quote some time, which would well relate to the present FBI scandal. It comes from Wm. Penn, whose “Some Fruits of Solitude” is included in Book 1 of the Harvard Classics Five Foot Shelf of Books. (The three authors in book 1 are Ben Franklin, John Woolman, and Wm. Penn)

Each sentence or idea in the “Solitude” is numbered. The one that I wanted send to you is no. 354.

354: The Prince cannot be preserv’d, but where the Minister is punishable: For People, as well as Princes, will not endure “Imperium in Imperio” (meaning An Empire within an Empire).

REPLY: Yes, we have a very DEEP STATE and it is trying to defend itself by taking down Trump. They are completely destroying our future. They only see their own power and to hell with democracy, ethics, or God. It is all about them.

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