Cracking the Bull Market? Or Setting the Stage?

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I have followed you since the 1980s. I have never known you to ever miss an event like today. Thank you for showing the world how everything really is connected. Your system is truly amazing.


REPLY: It is very gratifying that people are becoming students of the market. If we grasp this simple understanding, then we can change the world from politics to eliminating frauds like Global Warming.

Thank everyone for the flood of emails regarding this move. Perhaps one day we will force the world to look before it is too late.

I will be doing an update on the Private Blog this weekend. This is what a Panic Cycle Year is all about. This was a good panic in a very long time. That will help clean out the recent bull analysts so they can return to their bearish outlook once again. As I have made clear so many times, stock rise with higher rates – they do not decline. The trend changes based on time. Fashions change also based on time. We reach a magical point and grow tired of the present situation and just want change for the sake of change. Welcome to humanity. The crack today was based on time regardless of the news.

Before socialism, higher rates were interpreted as bullish because it demonstrated that there was STILL demand to borrow. Rates decline during deflation, depression, and recession BECAUSE people are not interested in borrowing or expanding – they hoard for a rainy day waiting for the sun to shine once again. Perhaps I should teach a class for central bankers like Draghi. Let’s just begin with history rather than fictional theory.

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