Trump v Winfrey?

QUESTION: Your comment about the pension Ponzi scheme. I agree that it is something that needs to brought to the forefront. One of the reasons I left Illinois. But I can’t understand why you mention Oprah Winfrey and her qualifications when the current person in the office has none either, and he’s a caucasian

ANSWER: Trump is also not qualified to understand the financial markets as needed. Not even is Goldman Sachs advisers have a clue because they are too focused on personal gains. Yes, Trump was a businessman and that is light-years ahead of an economist or lawyer. However, his business experience is limited to only real estate. He is a babe in the woods when it comes to capital flows, currencies, and global trends and Goldman Sachs cannot see past their own silver eating bowl. They needed a bailout in 2007-2009 crash.

Color, Creed, sex – none of that is a qualification for public office. PERIOD!

Nevertheless, you do not respect the fact that Trump has, in fact, changed the entire world. Your perspective is far too parochial. Trump’s Tax Reform has forced so many other countries to reverse course not the least of which is Germany. China has announced that foreign companies will pay ZERO tax on certain projects in China and even France has suddenly moved to lower taxes to be competitive with Trump. His Tweets aside, Trump has the correct agenda on taxes and he HAS forced the world to reverse course. No president has ever done that.

The Democrats are plain stupid. They say Trump’s taxes will benefit the rich and not the poor. No Democrat is poor, they all roll in the money they get from the rich. To them, it is better to get ZERO and US corps leave the money overseas. Isn’t better to get something than nothing? The Democrats just cannot bring themselves to rethink the Marxist agenda of class warfare.

Trump is an improvement over ANY career politician. But we need more for Trump will turn to Goldman Sachs and therein lies the danger.

And no I do not advise Trump!!!!!!

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