The 2018 Share Market Report – a Road-map Beyond 2018

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I could not put down your new report on the share markets. I had no idea that 2018 was such a crossroads in the whole scheme of things. This is where it all begins. OMG!


ANSWER: Yes.  I mentioned that 2018 was a Panic Cycle year at the WEC. Yet this is lining up for something much more profound cyclically. I have laid down the markers. This is no joke. I tried to weave in currencies, gold and interest rates to illustrate how it is all connected.

This January high is incredibly important. For way too long, there has been a lot of complacency in the financial markets with an unreasonable belief in central banks having everything under control. This is a Panic Cycle year so these shocks will dominate the near future. Politics in Europe is also unsettling the foundation and people like Soros are trying to undermine the BREXIT vote desperately trying to save Europe at the EXPENSE of Britain.

This will provide a road-map beyond just 2018.

The 2018 Share Market Report is now available. This deals with the prospect that 2018 is the major turning point from a normal cyclical perspective. This special report details how to determine if we are entering a Cycle Inversion that will inflict havoc on most financial expectations.

Available for Download – $750

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