Under Water Wonder of the World

COMMENT: Hello Martin and Friends,

I recently found this article about an ancient Indian burial ground found off the coast of Venice, Florida. It’s 7,000 years old.

This is another piece of evidence suggesting that rising ocean waters are not a modern phenomenon and a cyclical event like you suggested.

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ANSWER: Oh yes. There are the Seven Wonders of the Undersea World. One of the more spectacular sunken cities is that in China, the ancient city, which is hidden 130 feet underwater. This is popularly known as the Lion City, which was once Shi Cheng – the center of politics and economics in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

There is the ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt which is also under water. Then there are the ancient roadways underwater off the coast of Bermuda. There are numerous examples of sunken cities.

There is the ancient Etruscan city of Spina, which also sunk. There are many Italians with the name of Spina which refer to their original origin. Spina was an Etruscan port city, established by the end of the 6th century BC. It was a lost city until 1922 when it was discovered when drainage schemes in the delta of the Po River were carried out. This is the same lagoon that eventually became the location of Venice. Spina was a major international trade center whose main trading partner was Athens. For almost two thousand years the city laid forgotten under the mud of the Po lagoon. The excavations have thus brought to light an impressive wetland settlement, with regular Greek-style urban planning, including rectangular blocks and houses, entirely realized with timber and logs much as we see in Venice itself. Obviously, the technology dates back much further than most suspected. The ancient city of Spina was known for its trade, but it sank below the water and its location became lost. Today, they blame the sinking of Venice on Global Warming without ever mentioning that the previous city had sunk as well without Global Warming caused by humans.

The Etruscans lost power with the revolution in Rome and the beginning of the Roman Republic in 509BC which rejected the Etruscan kings. Then soon afterward, the Etruscan naval supremacy also collapsed when the ships of the ambitious Hieron I of Syracuse inflicted a devastating loss on their fleet off Cumae in 474 BC. This was the final blow to the Etruscan cities of Campania. The name Spina is found in Sicily, for it is clear that most inhabitants of Spina appear to have migrated to Sicily following their defeat by Hieron I.


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