The Bureaucracy v Trump

There has been no president in history that the media has engaged in an all-out war to drive him from office than Trump. They have cheered every possible innuendo to undermine absolutely everything he has tried to do even things they would have supported under Obama like invading Syria.

The bureaucracy is doing everything it can to drive Trump from office. The targeting of his lawyer is a direct assault on Trump and it is a clever scheme that exposes the root corruption in our legal system. It was not Mueller who directly targeted Trump’s lawyer, but his friends in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) where Comey use to be in charge.

Mueller is within the power of Trump to fire him if he goes outside of his mandate which he has already done. But the prosecutors in the SDNY cannot be fired by Trump without an obstruction of justice criminal charge being leveled.

While the prosecutors in SDNY cannot indict a sitting president, they can wait and do so when he leaves office. They can trump up charges on Trump and put pressure on Congress to Impeach him.

Here is what Trump should do.

(1) Remove all immunity for prosecutors who bring cases that fail.

(2) Remove the decision to indict anyone from an individual prosecutor and require that he present his reasons to indict to an independent board. The decision to indict should NEVER rest in the hands of a single prosecutor who is then completely immune.

The Statute of Limitations applies to anything Trump would be charged for. That means the act must have taken place within five years. Then there is the question of venue. A person must be charged where the crime takes place. But SDNY is notorious for violating that law. They have indicted people claiming they were on an airplane that flew over their jurisdiction and that is good enough to charge a crime in Texas in the SDNY.

Trump can make these change NOW before his lawyer is indicted and that would NOT be an obstruction of justice. Make sure these prosecutors are accountable for their actions like the rest of society. Any prosecutor can act for a political reason which is exactly why the SDNY has targeted Trump’s lawyer.

This is using the law for political purposes. Trump’s lawyer has been targeted only because he is Trump’s lawyer

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