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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Are you familiar with Professor Easterbrook of Western Washington University who agrees with you and is projecting a decline in temperatures for the next three decades? It seems that those who simply claim that it has been getting warmer live in a bubble of biased news. One even said to me that it has been getting warmer for the past 10,000 years because of civilization. I asked what was the solution? Should we just commit suicide to save the planet? Just can’t understand these people who deny there are cycles within every trend.


ANSWER: I know. We are closer to the lows than the historic highs in temperature. Our model does agree with Professor Easterbrook that the immediate decline in temperatures should extend out for about 43 years from 2007. It was unseasonably cold in Florida and snowed in the northern regions also for the first time since the Blizzard of 1899 and even that was about 120 years before. It was excessive snow and gold in Britain, Japan, and China, as well as Russia. They ignore these reports as one-time flukes.

The Global Warming crowd tries to deny that there are also cycles set in motion by the Sun and they attribute everything to human activity. Nobody wants air we cannot breathe. I lived in London back in the 1980s when the busses were blowing out diesel. It was horrible. But to stop pollution by distorting history or claiming the trend is really warmer for 10,000 years is the danger. That is like saying the Dow Jones Industrials is only in a bull market since 1932 pretending there are no corrections.  We must understand that nature is bigger than we are and the Sun just maybe the majority of climate change.

800,000-year Ice-Core Records of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

There have simply been historical periods with far greater amounts of CO2 than today. Pollution is a separate issue from blaming everything on CO2. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that CO2 changes the climate. The ice core sample demonstrates that there have been periods of significantly higher levels of CO2 before civilization. There is a natural cycle of everything. Their analysis is always to deny a cycle and presume whatever trend is in motion will remain in motion. With this analysis, I am alive today the same as yesterday so therefore this trend will last forever.

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