What’s Wrong with the Internet

While the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the admission during questioning on Capitol Hill Wednesday that his personal data was in the Cambridge Analytica leak, there is something seriously wrong with the entire scheme of the internet which should be outlawed right now. Facebook, Microsoft and everyone else came up with the whole idea that they had the right to collect your personal information and sell it to advertisers to make money. You cannot even buy a computer to use as a quote screen because Microsoft wants to search that computer to see what you are looking at to sell to others. You are paying even for a Pro version of windows and it still does not allow you the block Microsoft.

In the office, we turned off our automatic updates to Windows 10 and discovered that two computers CRASHED within minutes and required reboots. That was Microsoft’s clever way of getting into your computer one way or another. If you have Windows 7 – cherish it. Never let it go.

If you are willing to pay for a product, then you should have the right to ABSOLUTE privacy. This is a very seriously wrong business model that should be outlawed. Personal data is personal. It is not there for the reading pleasure of government or Mark Zuckerberg. Congress will do nothing to protect our privacy rights because they too enjoy profiling us for political purposes. We should not allow our personal data to be collected for sale or those of our children. It is time to demand respect for our right to privacy.

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