Bernie Proposed Everyone Gets a Job & Free Healthcare


You really have to wonder just when will these people stop with the promises of robbing the rich to hand out free everything to everyone else. Bernie Sanders wants to introduce a plan to guarantee everyone a job at $15 an hour. He is clueless that if you raise wages, people spend more and prices rise and will NOT remain the same. You end up back where you started. To begin with, not everyone wants a job. There are plenty of people who have no problem living off of welfare. But he also wants to guarantee healthcare to everyone. That may be a wonderful idea, but you MUST first nationalize all hospitals and then doctors must become government employees. You have to lower the wages of doctors and you have to eliminate the lawsuits or specify how much you will be paid for what injury.

Without a comprehensive structural reform, all these proposals are absolutely worthless and would bankrupt the entire system as is. We simply have to let it burn down to the ground and start from scratch. Healthcare and education will ONLY become affordable when people cannot get insurance and to stay in business, prices will have to drop.

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