Keeping the Private Blog – Private

COMMENT: Thank you for the Private Blog. It keeps the rift-raft out. They can bash you all they want and claim you only forecast long-term trends. Yor call on the Euro was great and then you said it would bottom on Wednesday this week. I covered my shorts and it was a real bounce today. Please, keep the rift-raff out. As you said, we need someone to trade against!

All the Best


REPLY: I agree. There are way too many people who just want to be nasty. I could care less about them. They deserve what they put out. But there are others who are not traders who just want info. We will be providing a separate blog for each level of service from a general overview to institutional. The private blog allows us to keep things private for the only other way is to restrict the blog itself and require registration. I really do not like that idea. About 10% of the population keeps an open mind. They should be able to read without having to go through the hassle of registering or having advertisements pop-up to obstruct your reading until you click on that too. I know if that happens on a site, I am gone in an instant. I treat others the way I wish to be treated. Plain & simple. We are all in this together. Not everyone is a trader.

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