WEC Singapore June 2018

Unfortunately, the WEC in Singapore was tight on space. We stated at the beginning of this year that we would be reducing the seating for these events because they have been getting too big. I like the interaction with the people so more intimate is better. Seating was limited to 150 maximum in Singapore because this was intended to be more for institutions and we booked it too late to get a bigger venue. Nevertheless, we will include a session on training how to trade with the arrays and reversals because 2018 is the staging ground of what is to come moving into 2020/2021 and the end of this current Economic Confidence Model turning point.

This shift in the Financial Capital of the World is significant. The collapse of the Euro is only beginning to unfold here in 2018 where the Monetary Crisis Cycle begins. We will be focusing on the pending debt crisis, the key levels to watch in all markets, and let the markets guide us through what appears to be a very crazy period just ahead.

2018 World Economic Conferences

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