Did Obama Use the FBI the Same as Nixon Used His Own People to Spy on Opposition?


While Robert Mueller was not in charge of the FBI after 2013, the new revelations that the FBI was spying on members in the Trump Campaign are very alarming. This is revealing just how deep the FBI has been trying to overthrow Trump. The integrity of the entire Justice Department is really called into question. Where Nixon’s staff went into Watergate, Nixon never directed them but got caught up in trying to cover up the event. Here we have the FBI doing what the Watergate operatives did directly. This is the ultimate abuse of power.

The FBI had a plant inside the Trump organization named Stefan Halper, whose job it was to keep the FBI informed on what Trump was up to. Halper met directly with Trump’s campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos beginning back during the summer of 2016. Just what else will surface who knows. But it is becoming abundantly clear that the Deep State has an agenda to overthrow Trump.

The question nobody is asking is WHO would ever want to become president after the treatment Trump has received from the Deep State, which seems to include CNN and the Washington Post if not the New York Times? Bill Clinton had sex with a worker in the White House. Trump had sex with a porn star years before. The White House was said to be a revolving door for Clinton and JFK’s women. Do such personal adventures warrant qualification or disqualification to be president?

The type of personal scrutiny you are attacked on by becoming president seems to me that only a hand-picked candidate by the Deep State would survive for CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times would all keep their toes on the line. This may very well be one fundamental reason contributing to why our model is calling for the shift in the Financial Capital of the World to China.

Every Republic dies in corruption and Democracies have been corrupted by promising the people they will rob the rich to give them the riches. Republics and Democracies continue to exist until the corruption is so blatant it is no longer even hidden as the rulers become drunk with power and act out of arrogance. The voters become complacent for they are being bribed to remain silent with the old scheme plenty of food and circuses. Once the majority of the people are bribed and the rich have been exhausted or flee, then the benefits from the public treasury decline and taxes rise to try to sustain the bureaucracy focused on the very people who were once bribed. Margaret Thatch put it best: Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money. Then the end is near for Republics and Democracies die by their own hand with the dagger wielded by corruption. Brutus kill Caesar because he was a member of the Oligarchy and Caesar was a member of the Populists defending the people. The Republic died with Caesar because the corrupt burst forth for everyone to see.

Our Cycle of Political Change comes around every 224 years. Even empires that have survived longer, still go through upheavals and reforms. History is delineated by an endless list of tax rebellions. The American and French Revolutions began as tax rebellions. This is the state of affairs and we have reached that crossroads where the arrogance of the officialdom is being exposed. The question is – what can no possibly come after Trump but a hand-picked candidate of the Deep State.

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