Warning About Funds Management Claiming to be Using Socrates

We do NOT recommend any particular person to be managing money. We do NOT provide buy or sell signals to any such public fund or individual money manager. We have routinely had our lawyers writing letters to people claiming to be using Socrates for managing money when in fact we have not even released any version with specific buy or sell signals. We do NOT grant permission to anyone managing money to be claiming they are trading with our systems. Anyone claiming to have MASTERED Socrates for trading is simply not true. We urge anyone who is solicited by such a period to REJECT dealing with them at all costs!!!!!! We do NOT get any kickbacks or percentage of anything from anyone claiming to be managing money using Socrates. Our lawyers are sending letters to people making such claims instructing them to cease and desist or we will be forced to file legal actions.

We are in the process of licensing Socrates for a public fund being created by a Sovereign Government who is seeking to expand its Sovereign Wealth Fund services who has attended our World Economic Conferences since 1985. We will announce soon which government but we are EXTREMELY careful about recommending anyone. For this reason, we are looking at this agreement with a Sovereign Government where we do not have to worry about someone absconding with people’s money and ensuring that there is a PROFESSIONAL management team in place with global hedge fund experience.

We will announce this arrangement shortly. We understand so many people keep asking for recommendations and pleading that we get back into management. We have NO INTEREST in managing funds and we have been exceptionally careful about who we would recommend for you never know what will happen in the future to such a firm or person.


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