French Unions Protesting Economic Reforms in France as Always



In France, the Unions and opposition parties are rising up in protests denouncing a Macron-led overhaul of labor rules that would reduce worker protections and laws increasing police powers. They are alleging that Macron supports tax reform which favors France’s wealthiest and is working to tear down public services. They, of course, oppose any government plan making it harder for students to attend the public universities of their choice at government expense, more restrictive immigration laws, and the police methods the protesters consider “repressive.”

France has been the most socialistic country in Europe. Its laws have favored workers to the detriment of business. The result has simply been to lower economic growth and send its national debt higher. Macron realizes that France is headed into economic collapse. He is trying to modernize France and make it more competitive. Unions do not want to give up anything and are always demanding more.

It is not an easy task to try to bring reform in France. When uber showed up, the taxi drivers encircled Paris and barricaded the city blocking traffic and setting heaps of tires on fire until Uber was outlawed. Nobody ever looks at the other side. The consumer has a right to increase their living standard by choosing a cheaper service. These protests are all about maintaining uncompetitive advantages that lower the standard of living for the people as a whole and the economic growth of the nation.

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